Long Tern Disability Insurance Issue

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Long Tern Disability Insurance Issue

Postby gunflint » Thu Aug 16, 2012 10:52 am

I am currently receiving long term disability payments in addition to my SSDI. As of July of 2013 my eligibility will be changed from "not able to work in my profession" to not able to work at all." The insurance company has already started to poke around. It's obvious that I won't be able to return to being a diesel mechanic but from what I understand the new eligibility requirement is something like the ability to sell pencils on a street corner. It seems to me that someone with CM/SM that is symptomatic and 55 years old would be a liability to any potential employer. That issue alone should assure that I am no longer employable.That and the fact that the social Security Adm. has judged me permanently disabled. Should I get an attorney at this point or should I wait until the insurance company starts pushing?
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Re: Long Tern Disability Insurance Issue

Postby razzle » Sat Aug 18, 2012 5:37 am

sent you a message ..... The sooner you get on Disabilty the less you will half to pay back .... look at messages
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Re: Long Tern Disability Insurance Issue

Postby Janice » Mon Oct 01, 2012 4:31 pm

I didn't need an attorney. They basically use the paperwork provided by your docs, and your statements regarding what you can/can't do. It does weigh in on their decision that you're on SSDI, but not completely. I had to complete a self-evaluation, along w/a phone interview. It actually went rather smooth, I worried the entire time tho. The only change was the amount I rec'd. It lowered a lot since the employer was no longer paying my salary thru them. They basically pay the difference of 60% of your income at the time disability began, that's not paid by SSDI. Let's say you made $900/month from employer. Disability pays only half of what your salary was, your LTD carrier will pay the remaining income, up to 60%.

I recall my employer offering an additional 6% to be paid by LTD, for a specific monthly amount. I didn't purchase the carry-on, if I had, LTD would be paying the difference of 66%.

Please let me know if you have additional questions.
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Re: Long Tern Disability Insurance Issue

Postby texassyrinx2 » Fri Oct 19, 2012 9:18 pm

I hope things are working out for you. When my LTD changed from my occupation to any occupation my company sent me a denial letter detailing why. Even though I was also receiving SSDI they felt I could work. I answered each line item on their denial letter and had supporting documantation from my Doctor and others. They had identified other occupations they felt I was qualified for. I answered this with supporting documentation from employers of those occupations stating I did not meet the qualifications for those occupations. My denial was overturned and I was placed back on benefits with pay retoractive to the date of denial. It took 5 months but eventually everything was back on track.
Don't get overwhelmed if you do get a denial you have the right to appeal. I did not use an attorney but perhaps you might use one. Be prepared for field visits and surveilance as well as independent medical exams requested by your Insurance Co. Check your policy and wee what your contractual agreement states you must submit to and go for it. It was an inconvenience but it worked out ok.

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