Self Catheterization

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Self Catheterization

Postby hjwats » Wed Jun 16, 2010 11:45 am

I have some plastic ratcheting clips which have opposing transverse raised portions that are on opposite sides of the plastic catheter tube when you pass the catheter tube end through the clip/closure. You operate it with your thumb to close the catheter tube by squeezing it between the raised portions as the ratchet clicks and holds it closed while the user is insertint the catheter into the urinary opening. After insertion of the catheter you simply pop the ratchet open and the urine is free to flow. This closure stays on the catheter and you simply slide it off when you want to use a new catheter. I use them over and over without a problem.
My problem is that I can't find a source to buy these useful clips/closures anywhere. I got the ones I have from a complicated plastic tubing harness that is used for what is called CAPD. This means " Continuous Ambulatory Periteoneal Dialysis ". I happened to have it as part of a case I worked on. It had numerous clear soft plastic tubes whit these clipas at different places so ths flow of fluid could be routed to the proper place.
Can anyone help me find these plastic tube closing clips?
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