4 chldren with chiari

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4 chldren with chiari

Postby donnadriver » Sun Apr 13, 2008 10:26 am

Hi my name is donna and i live in the uk i was diagnosed with chiari in 2004 and i had the surgery in the november after blowing my nose and collapsing waking up vertually paralised i have 4 children 3 girls and a boy who have all been diagnosed too it is an apsolute nightmare trying to juggle the hospital appointments and telling them they cant do the things there friends are doing my 2 eldest have had the surgery but my eldest is having problems again she goes for a scan at the end of this month my youngest is having real problems she is in pain all the time she has to have pushchair even though she is 4 because she cant walk very far i would love to hear from anyone who can offer advice on how to deal with dificult situations or just for support or if i can help anyone else
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hi in uk also

Postby mumof4darlings » Sun Apr 13, 2008 1:06 pm

we are in the uk, i think you many have emailed me before,or i may be confused! i have had to change account names i was spongeblob! My daughter is in constant pain, she was in a wheelchair within 2 weeks of her pain starting a year ago. we have encouraged her daily though and got her out of the chair! She is in pain every minute of the day, and we are seeking help in US. awaiting several NS opinions of an mri we had done on monday.
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