Sm and scoliosis??

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Sm and scoliosis??

Postby gncrzy3 » Thu Aug 16, 2012 8:52 pm

My 12 year old daughter has Sm cervical and thorasic..
( my 13 year old son and myself have it as well).. While
She was walking the other day her spine looked
To have a significant curve ( wasn't that way before). I had her
Stand straight up and she yelled that it hurt, then I asked
Her to touch her toes, and again she yelled that it hurt.
She also is on the autistic spectrum .. And she precieves pain
Differently and had a extremely high pain tolerance she can be
In severe pain and not complain. I am worried sick.
I made a dr apt right away but of course they can't
Get her in till middle of next month. Has this been an
Issue with anyone else?? Thanks in advance
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