One tonsil Chiari???

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One tonsil Chiari???

Postby JenandLuli » Thu Mar 08, 2012 11:48 pm

Hi Everyone!
I have a question... I truly believe that my dd has Chiari 0 - and of course the drs scoff at the idea - but I was wondering if there has ever been a case of just one side more chiari-ish and the other side normal?

My dd's MRI's are not showing "Chiari" BUT the left side of her skull base is higher than the right and the tonsil on the right side looks to be hanging over the bone ever so slightly while the left side looks tight... if that makes sense.

Her NS is actually considering a decompression surgery because the syrinx are getting bigger again (since draining the lower one 1.5 yrs ago) and the pain and symptoms are getting really bad.

Anyway - just wondering what other people have found since I can't find anything in research.
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Re: One tonsil Chiari???

Postby gunflint » Fri Mar 09, 2012 12:21 pm

How did they drain the lower one? I have Chairi type 0 and had my decompression surgery in October. No changes in size or flow so far. Have they done any CSF flow tests? I'm beginning to go with the flow theory so to speak. I think flow rate should be considered before surgery. It sounds like in her case, with symptoms increasing surgery may be the right call. It really tugs at my heart when I read about children with SM. Good luck in your search for info.
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