daughter in pain

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daughter in pain

Postby lcolangelo » Wed Dec 14, 2011 9:55 am

Hi everyone-- havent written in a while-- things have been quiet until now-- i have a 13 year old with a chiari malformation/basilar invagination-- and cervial fusion. She has had to have 5 operations due to boney regrowth. 2 weeks ago she went to a bday party and went on a trampoline (which she knows she isnt supposed to do).. Since that time she has been in SEVERE pain-- headaches/dizziness,nausea, blurry vision. Pediatrician sent us to neurologist-- he thinks migraines, also went to PT-- he thinks severe muscle spasam-- and has tried some manipulation-- but she seems to be gettign worse. Have tried to connect with neurosureon-- (he is in Iowa-- we are in NY) still havent had luck- getting him.. Anyone ever have something simialr?? Sorry this is so long... just praying for some answers-- its so hard to see my baby going through this-- and everyone with different opinions-- how do we know whats right? Thanks for letting me vent!
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Re: daughter in pain

Postby lttutrow » Thu Dec 22, 2011 1:28 am

I'm sorry to hear she's having such a rough time! When my kids have strained their necks, a muscle relaxer for a few days has helped. Maybe with the recommendation from the PT that he is feeling muscle spasms, the NL would consider a trial to see if it helps?
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