Good News

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Good News

Postby Catherine » Mon Jun 07, 2010 9:24 pm

Today we had the follow up for Catherine's 3 month Post Op MRI. Our NS said that her brain looks normal! Yea! I'm so happy. After that horrible recovery she is doing great. This evening she even brought a paper over to me with the word cat clearly written on it. She is really getting her fine moter skills back. I'm praying that we can continue this trend. She had her EKG last week and that was normal as well so we are no longer giving her Atenolol. We still have some mood issues, OCD symptoms, but that runs in our family so it's probably unrelated, although he did give me a card for someone to help her with some of that. She also still gets nauseaus. But all in all a really good outcome so far.

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