my upright MRI Day

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my upright MRI Day

Postby Snoozie » Thu May 17, 2007 10:16 am

Hi everyone, it is so good to have this board back.

I had my upright MRI on Tuesday and I must say it was the best MRI experience I have ever had. No claustrophobia and they even gave me a disk with the scan on it so I could peek for myself. Hey the plasma TV you get to watch isn't bad either.

Just looking at the scans myself it does look like my syrinx has grown. It looks a bit wider and kinda like tails coming off the top and bottom. It is hard to tell since it is different imaging than the big black films I saw before so I really am not sure.

The really bad thing is that it looks like the disc above my fusion is poking into the cord. There was very little space and at on point it seemed like there was no space. There was another disk below the fusion that looked questionable but not as bad as the one above it.

The lumbar area was looking pretty tired. :P Lots of disks looking flat and not happy. I knew I had problems there from a previous MRI but it didn't look as bad as it feels.

So hopefully I will get the report tomorrow and take it from there. I would recommend the upright MRI though for anybody who has problems with the tube. Have a great day...Sue 8)
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Postby Sandy » Thu May 17, 2007 11:00 am


Thanks for sharing that. I'm so glad they are getting the upright MRI"s now. To me it looks like they could tell more about disc probs with you standing, with the discs compressed like they are normally.

Please let us know what they say about it. I'll be thinking of you.

sandy :D
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