Flying with Syringomyelia

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Flying with Syringomyelia

Postby adcolbar » Mon Aug 25, 2014 7:27 pm

If you suffer from Syringomyelia, you know that flying is something you cannot do without suffering. I accidentally found out how to do it and shared it with my Neurologist for his other Syringomyelia patients. Of course, as with all medications there are risks involved, so you need to double check with your doctor before even taking the OTC dosage.

My Neuro-Opthalmologist had given me Naproxen 500 mg for damage that had been done to my IV Cranial nerve. My son was getting married and I seriously considered making the trip halfway across the United States by train which would have taken me days but decided to just go early and rest a week before the wedding and hope that I would be able to attend the wedding.

I took the Naproxen before I got on the plane and the flying did not bother me at all. Always before, it had been horrible for me. My Neurologist told me that Syringomyelia patients simply cannot fly and I agreed wholeheartedly.

So, I just take one of these about an hour before a flight and I am fine. It is because of the pressurized cabin that it is so tough on us with a Syrinx. Not long ago, I had surgery for a paraesophagael hiatal hernia which had attached itself to both of my lungs and when the doctor released me six weeks later, he said, "You can do anything except scuba dive or fly." I did not have to ask why, I already knew.

This is huge for anyone with SM and needs to fly. But always check with your doctor about it before just getting it OTC and taking that dosage because even OTC medications can be dangerous. And it was not just a one time happening. I have flown numerous times since then with the Naproxen and have been fine every single time, whereas without it, it is a nightmare as you know if you suffer from SM. Hope this helps someone.
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