Shunt failing?

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Shunt failing?

Postby Andrea » Fri Aug 08, 2014 10:39 pm

Question. What were your symptoms like when your shunt failed? I have Chiairi 1 and sm throughout my spinal cord. Decompressed in mar 09 and syringopleual shunt in sept 09 for non decreasing symptoms. After that did alright for a few years. Went to my dr in jan 12 bc I was having increased symptoms (had a 6 month old at the time) and got an MRI. Due to no insurance (live in canada but I was on mat leave and decided not to pay my work insurance while I was off for the year) I postponed my MRI until jun 12. Got the best news. My syrinx completely collapsed. From top down! He thought my symtoms were bc the nerves had room to move and they were angry from being so compressed for so long (I was of course doing a lot of sitting bc of nursing the baby and too much sitting isn't great for me. Explained a lot!) . Following that had a couple of flares. Nothing too bad. The last 3 months have been great really until a week ago. Right leg from knee down tingly and toes feel weird. Right hand from elbow heavy and tingly. Toes on left foot (previously unaffected side) tingly and numbish as is my dominant left hand. Called my Ns for a MRI and will see him again in office in sept. I'm a bit freaked out. Any words of wisdom. I work ft as an rn and so far have not had to take any meds bc of my CM or Sm. This is such a crazy ride. I'm very thankful if you've read this far and that I have some place to go where I can get advice from people who have btdt
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