Trouble filling Prescriptions

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Trouble filling Prescriptions

Postby marymac » Wed Jul 16, 2014 8:34 am

Hi Ho All

Is any one else having trouble getting their prescriptions filled? I sure am: the Doctor writes them but the Pharmacist "isn't comfortable" filling them: who is in charge here? Bad enough 98% of them have NO clue what SM is much less how we feel, but I wrote my insurance company, received prior authorization for the medicine, but their own mail-order pharmacy held it for 11 days, then returned the RX because the pharmacist "wasn't comfortable". Well, here's a bulletin for them: I"M NOT COMFORTABLE NOW. On top of that, 50% of the elected AND appointed officials ENCOURAGED me to let my med run out, go to the hospital ER, and call the press . . . really?
WHAT SAY YOU??? We need to DO something about this. And yes, they CAN be legally sent via mail order, FYI.
Please weigh in folks: this is getting way too serious. . . My syrinx is from neck to butt so if I puke. . . well, you know.
Thanks and love/gentle hugs to all.
Central disc herniations C5-6 and C6-7, extensive syringohydromyelia cavity throughout the cervical & thoracic cord (large syrinx from C6 inferiorly.)

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