NEW MRI's show some weird stuff

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NEW MRI's show some weird stuff

Postby princesk8 » Thu Apr 18, 2013 2:34 pm

Well my syrinx got longer, now it goes down to T10. Supposedly it's okay though since it's not wider. Chiari is now 7mm also not a big change from 5.5.
But I have a question, anyone else have these readings on thier MRI?

"basioccipital hypoplasia and mild basilar invagination"
"There is a paucity of CSF around the cervicomedullary junction with distortion of the junction of brainstem and cord.

Not sure how impression says no significant change but all these reading were never on my previous reports.

I just wish I felt better. I hoep everyone is doing well!!
Chiari 1 7 mm & Syrinx C5-T10. Scoliosis(22 degree L & 20 degree T curve). 2.4 cm Arachnoid Cyst at lower left occipital lobe. Bulging Disk C5-C6, C6-C7 & L5-S1. Early facet arthrosis L2-L4. Mild inferior foraminal narrowing L4-S1
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