One day at a time?

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One day at a time?

Postby debh » Wed Jun 11, 2008 3:29 pm

Sometimes one day at a time is hard! I just went to Cape May, NJ and tried real hard to enjoy myself but....... my sympthoms just got to me. I was in pain last night from the steps I climbed to my room-hee haw-I can do this I said to myself. My boyfriend asked if I wanted to walk after dinner and my right leg was not working well so I opted to go back to the room . I find it hard to enjoy life when I am in constant pain. Today I told my boyfriend that I just don't care about anything-I just don't care! We went to the lighthouse and I opted not to climb it-something I could have done a few years ago-and to see other people who are healthy and I am in a poor pitty me mood-there are some days I wonder if this is forever-I have had hope that this too shall pass but it has been 3 years now-I can't expect others to know what I am going through and my boyfriend was dismayed that I did not have a good time. I find it easy to hide out in my house but I know I need to live life. I do know that stress is a big part in my health-I accept a job I truly hate for the benefits-i am in debt because of medical -and part of me just wants to give it up and runaway. Anyway, tomorrow is another day-tahnx for listening to me. :oops:
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