right side pain

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right side pain

Postby taichi » Fri Nov 14, 2014 7:30 am

Is the right side for sm pain or everyone different?
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Re: right side pain

Postby pmaxwell » Fri Nov 14, 2014 2:00 pm

It depends on the location of the syrinx. If it bulges on the right side of cord, you will have symptoms on the left side of body and vice-verse. However if it is neuropathic pain, symptoms can be anywhere at anytime and move from place to place. A pain specialist familiar with spinal cord injury can determine what is causing the pain and the best treatment options.
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Re: right side pain

Postby gunflint » Sun Nov 23, 2014 7:38 am

Mine started on the left but after a couple of years the right side has caught up.
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Re: right side pain

Postby gkozy1 » Sun Jan 25, 2015 6:34 pm

I have Syringo down to t8 it is as large a 7mm. it splits into two parts in areas and returns to one. I had a shunt placed in spinal cord in 2002. I have varying levels of nerve pain. Most mornings when I first wake. I am pain free. But that is just for a moment. As soon as I am awake the pain begins. It can be very intense at times. Especially when first trying to get to sleep. I have learned that keeping busy is the best cure. Every part of my body is affected except my right arm and right upper back. The worst locations are my left forearm and my right front side in the area of the hip and appendix.

I also experience the lack of sensation for hot and cold and surface pain in many portions of my body. I have had very bad burns on the back of my right calf and right buttocks. 3rd degree burns that I felt no heat or pain. But in both cases when I sat down the next day, the blister broke and I felt the flow of fluid from the blister. Very strange.

My surgeon who took out my gall bladder said I had 11 large gal stones as large as 3/4's of an inch plus numerous others. He said I must have had the gall stones for 7 or 8 years. But I never experienced pain. Even when the doctors pressed hard on my gall bladder. But I did get bad attacks where I felt severely ill. And went to the emergency rooms a great many times before I insisted on a ultra sound that discovered the gall stones.

I also had bladder cancer without any symptoms until one night that I bled all over my bathroom.

The point of my story is to say that I have sever neuropathy. But the lack of pain sensations and lack of ability to feel hot and cold are also great concerns for me.

I am here today because of my experiences leading up to my surgery tomorrow. I am having Tori removed from my right mandible tomorrow. I've already had them removed from my left mandible and also had sinus surgery within the last 9 months. I have been to see 4 cardiologists, (because of my surgeries), and had numerous ekg's. the last one, last week said I had a fast heart rate.,105. Blood pressure is fine. He prescribed metoprolol. I don't like it so far. Although after a week it seems to be better.

My complaints:

I have in the past experienced a change of heart rate and flutter after taking muscle relaxants for a long period. I am currently taking Soma. 350mg. Do others of you have this experience. Soma does help a lot for my neuropathy. But I think it may have something to do with the doctors giving me the metoprolol. I stopped taking the Soma yesterday. The neuropathy seems controlled to a great extent so I was wondering if beta blockers could help with neuropathy? It's very hard for me to make observations because my pain level and locations change so frequently.

My current medications are:

Soma 350 mg *3
gabapentin 800 *3
Tramadol 200mg ER *1
Tramadol 50mg as needed.
metoprolol 25mg*1
lidocaine 5% as needed

Because of my gall bladder I take
Ranitidine 150mg *2
gas x
And a probiotic.

For my sinus's

I also get a bupivacaine shot occasionally for my spondyliosis in my sacroiliac.
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