Accommodations Question

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Accommodations Question

Postby Judi » Tue Jun 12, 2012 11:07 am

Last year, my dr. wrote a letter for work (I teach) and it basically said: 4 bulging disks, scoliosis, vertebral hemangiomas, and a small syrinx. No standing or sitting for long periods of time. Standing is essentially what I do, all day long...on concrete floors. The windows in my classroom are old, and the locks are 6 feet overhead, requiring climbing on chairs to open them. Anyway, you get the picture, it is more physical than one would think. I had applied as part of a school grant this year, subsidized by Federal money. I was unable to fulfill a portion of my agreement, as it required 4 hours of travel
a few days and I could not physically manage. I was penalized for this by being deemed ineligible for a small cash "reward" although I had explained my reason for not completing this portion of my requirement. Additionally, I use a cane most of the time, and while there is a ramp, I must use a key to enter the building and then put everything I am carrying on the ground to try to yank the door open, hold the door with my body sandwiched in the entry so it won't slam shut and try to twist to kick my books, etc inside ad grab my key out of the lock. The door itself is so heavy my husband could not believe it. Is this considered accessible? I never delivered my dr's letter to my employer, I am embarrassed and was afraid that I would cause problems. I love teaching and still have fun with my 8th graders, they are a hoot, but dread the pain in the classroom, which could probably be I have the right to request it? I need some guidance, please.
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Re: Accommodations Question

Postby gunflint » Tue Jun 12, 2012 11:52 am

I would contact an attorney that has ADA experience.
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Re: Accommodations Question

Postby karenb » Sun Jun 24, 2012 9:52 pm


I agree with gunflint.

FYI, I was an engineer for over 20 years... meaning I sat all the time. When I first filed for disability, the "expert physician" saw one note stating that I could not stand (at the time I was collapsing 40-50 times per day), and another note stating I had pain when sitting, and decided that I needed a standing workstation.

Clearly, my boss didn't buy it and, when I appealed the initial decision, none of the other doctors did either.

Point is - you need someone representing you, on your side.

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