disk replacement above syrinx--symptoms gone!

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disk replacement above syrinx--symptoms gone!

Postby sheryl » Mon Apr 23, 2012 7:00 pm

I havent been on the board in a while. I have a syrinx at c6/c7. Had cape pain, burning, tingling, stabbing pains in upper back and then recently I started experiencing numbness and pain in my arms along with burning across the front of my neck and half my face. I get a yearly MRI to monitor my idiopathic syrinx and this last MRI revealed severe stenosis at c3,4,5. Looking back at my prior MRI photos I believe this had been going on a while, but I just contributed the symptoms to my syrinx and I dont think any of us were paying attention to much more than if the syrinx grew each year.
I had disc replacement surgery 4 weeks ago today and the relief of all my symptoms was immediate! My hope and prayer is that the bone spurring into my spinal cord was secretly the cause of the syrinx and now that the spurs are removed I am hoping my syrinx will disappear. My neuro surgeon thinks that is probably not going to happen but would be pleasantly surprised if it did.
Many people put off such a surgery but I was more concerned with what would happen to the syrinx if I didnt do it since the spurs would only continue to grow and put more pressure on the spinal cord, possibly increasing the syrinx.
I say all this to recommend that you not only keep an eye on the syrinx, but on other changes in your spine as the symptoms are the same whether you have pressure on your spinal cord from the inside via a syrinx, or on the outside via disc bulges, spurs or other spinal issues.
Sheryl :)
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