New to all of this in MI

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New to all of this in MI

Postby JeffinMI77 » Thu Dec 29, 2011 11:26 am

Hello everyone! I've been reading alot of your post and it has been very helpful to me. I was recently diagnosed with SM and i'm still trying to take it all in. I live in Michigan ( Detroit suburbs) and i'm looking for and support groups of people in my area that may be able to help.

I just turned 34 Dec 2 and had two MRI's within two weeks after. I'd been suffering with severe back pain with tingling and numbness in my extremities. I have a list of other issues that may or may not be related. I get very frustrated because I appear to be a healthy young guy. Most people think i'm in my early 20's. I have had NP's write in my medical file that I am a drug seeker! I also work in the medical field doing direct patient care and so much is expected of me. They think because i'm a guy i should be able to lift anyone without assistance. I'm afraid to let my employer know what's going on in fear they will fire me. We have absolutely no disablility and FMLA doesn't apply until you have been there a year. I just spent a year of my life and a whole lot of money in school and I feel it was a waste. With every patient I lift or transfer I feel it's one day closer to a wheelchair for me! My Dr suggested I apply for social security. I'm very scared because I assume i'd have to quit my job and have no other form of income. It's a nasty nastly circle...

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