need no more drama

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need no more drama

Postby debh » Fri Jun 17, 2011 6:34 am

i need no more drama-my boyfriend has a history of going to doctors -like addicted-he was having anxiety attacks last summer going to the hospitaL OVER AND OVER AGAIN where they finally sent in a head doctor-he keeps on doing things that promote them-anyway i said i can not support destructive behaviors-tests -everyone u can think of-show he is fine-listening him this just didnt happen-has long history of going to docs-i have my own health to deal with and u know i am just tired of it-okay alittle irrittiation-he has no idea what living with a syrinx-leg pain, weakness, headaches-jaw pain-arm buring pain-legs sometimes not wanting to work-and here he is healthy-all he has to do is change his lifestyle-he has no frinkin idea -i stopped telling him and others but u guys my issues-i deal with it-but after hearing him last night i wanted to cry-i wish i could just change my lifestyle and have my syrinx go away or a magical surgery-which i chased for many years-to make it go away-i just want to cry-and be left alone-i dont need the added stress of someone else's drama-but i look back and i was addicted to doctors-how my friends were supportive -but now i narrowed my doctors to primary care, neurosurgeon and pain doc-focus on myself-do what i need to take care of self-we are not married-i believe it is time to let go-question-why do you believe i have no patience for this ##### anymore-am i a ###
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Re: need no more drama

Postby karenb » Fri Jun 17, 2011 8:56 am


It sure sounds from your email that maybe you need to step back and reassess your priorities and everything that's going on in your life. What's important, first of all, to you. Yes, there's the medical stuff, and learning to accept the <expletive deleted> hand you've been dealt. But what else makes you happy?

It also sounds like you feel that people are making a lot of demands on you - which of those people are really important to you, and which of those "demands" really matter. Only you can answer that. Once you know the answer, tell everyone else "No."

It'll take awhile, but life really will start to make sense again. But only if you take good care of yourself (physically, spiritually, emotionally, and relationship-wise).

Keep us posted how things go.

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