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Postby collectorman76 » Wed Jun 08, 2011 11:42 pm

Hey All
I have finally made the decision that I need to put a little info about me on here. My name is Don I am 35 live Oklahoma in a little hick town getting ready to move to Tulsa in July.
In 2002 I started to have episodes of dizziness, falling down, major headaches, so my PCP had MRI's ran. She told me that they had found a couple of deformities on my spinal cord. She
sent me to NL who then sent me to a NS. I has also experiencing a lot of pain as well all over my body.With nothing really getting done I asked my PCP if she would send to the Mayo Clinic
in MN, since I had family there. I went to the Mayo in the Summer of 2003, they ran several tests and after a ton of poking & proding me they said that I had Syringomyelia. They sent me back home
with lots of stuff to read and a lot of confusion.
I had to change PCP's due to insurance, so my new one tried to get me into a NS that would help and the one I saw mainly said that all the symptoms that I was having was just in my mind. And that
the pain was not as severe as I was saying that it was. I told my PCP and he sent to me to OKC to see a Pain Specialist down there. After more than an hour of talking the Pain dr he said that my pain
was real and that he was going to do all that he could for me. He started me out on several different pain meds they helped some but not a lot. So finally in 2005 he told me about the morphine pump that
he would insert into my side. We did that in October 2005 and it helped out so much.
So this year in January I had a new pump put in that was larger because I had maxed out my old one. I still have pain but not like I did, I still take several meds by mouth, but nothing like I would if I did
not have the pump.
Well that is a little about me, I would love to make friends on here so if you would like to know anything about me feel free to ask.
What I really need is to find a new NL & NS here in Oklahoma somewhere around Tulsa would be best.
Take care all and hope to talk to some new friends soon.

Thanks everyone
Don Green, 35 yrs old, Oklahoma, 2002 Syringomyelia, 2005 first morphine pump, 2011 replaced pump with a bigger one. I have pain in my lower back, shoulder. Looking to make friends with others that suffer from this condition.
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