semi-success but not over yet!

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semi-success but not over yet!

Postby 3dmamix » Tue Mar 23, 2010 6:43 pm

In 2005 I had cervical fusion and in 2008 I had a stint placed in my syrinx and now I am going back to the surgeon again. I built a Koi pond in my back yard in 2006 moving small boulders and mixing cement in a wheel barrow after carrying 80 pound bags of cement to my back yard on my shoulder. I retired from my 30 year martial arts teaching carrier last May. Last Oct. I joined the biggest loser contest at work and took third place. The day of the last weigh in I decided to beat some of my own records and went for 800 jumping jacks straight. When I hit 600 I felt some pain in my neck but kept going and made it to 800. That was in January then in March I went to my PCP and said I need an MRI. Yes the syrinx is larger but this time farther down. The stint is still working on the upper section but there were several pockets and the lower ones are getting larger. Oh well another stint and four weeks recovery and back to walking off the pounds, just no more jumping jacks for me.

SM C2-T3 and growing, cervical fusion C3-C7 with a titanium plate and a K-tube stent at C-3.
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Re: semi-success but not over yet!

Postby Eden** » Wed Mar 31, 2010 10:04 pm

Wow! 800 thats pretty impressive! Im sorry you have to have another surgery that sucks, but good luck to you! Hope all goes well
Jill 27 yrs old, married to the love of my life. Mother of the most beautiful girl in the world.Diagnosed with congenital SM, syrinx from C-4 to T-12. Shunt placement 9-8-09. T-7-8-9-10 laminectomy, Syrinx shrinking.
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