My 26 year story. from

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My 26 year story. from

Postby thabel » Thu Sep 03, 2009 3:06 pm

My 1st shunt was 1983, 2nd in 1984 and 3rd in 1985. Since then none have grown. After the 1st I was still able to walk. The next walking was with a walker, the 3rd into a wheelchair. 1989 I got one of the first baclofen pumps to stop my severe spasms. It really change my life for the better. From there to wheelchair basketball,handcycling and now trap shooting. Handcycling was my favorite sport. I logged many miles between local MS rides, bike club rides, and my 20 mile training rider usually 5+ days week. In 1999 I had a pump replacement and got a severe baclofen overdose went into respiratory spasms arrest. 4 days later woke up in intensive care. That was the end of my handcycling. Time coasted on until 2007 now prostate cancer. Not to bad had prostate removed. The next week was time for my pump replacement. It was a 23 Hr procedure day before thanksgiving. My wife (Pat) begged them not to send me home. Next day we had dinner with family and Pat was going to visit her brother. I had problems eating and before she left could not swallow water. Off to the emergency room. Just made it had collapsed lung. 10 days later woke up in intensive care. Now having problems sleeping, fatigue and memory loss. Sorry I got of track but it is all related in a round about way. Luckily my SM has stayed stable.
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Re: My 26 year story. from

Postby wendi » Wed Sep 16, 2009 8:11 am

Well, I guess this is a success story, but it sounds like a long hard road you have been on. At least your sm is stable! It sounds like you have a wonderful wife in Pat. All too often, it is hard for a partner to stick around with this horrible condition.

I am happy you found us!

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